Phentermine NLBHA - The National Latino Behavioral Health Association - Mission and Vision


NLBHA Mission

The Mission and Goal of The National Latino Behavioral Health Association is to influence national behavioral health policy, eliminate disparities in funding and access to services, and improve the quality of services and treatment outcomes for Latino populations.

NLBHA Vision

NLBHA's Vision is to bring attention to the great disparities that exist in the areas of funding, access, and quality of care for Latino consumers and families needing professional mental health and substance abuse services.

Objectives for Meeting NLBHA's Mission

The Objective of the NLBHA is to provide national leadership on mental health and substance abuse concerns of the Latino community in five major areas of focus:

  • Policy Issues in Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • Education and Workforce issues
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Service Delivery
  • Latino Focused Behavioral Health Research
  • Latino Family Focused Interventions


The Strategies for meeting the NLBHA Mission and Objectives is to actively address the behavioral health issues of Latino Families through:

  • Convening of state Latino Behavioral Health Policy Roundtables
  • Providing Cultural Competency Training
  • Providing Consultation to policy makers, community agencies, and others on Latino Behavioral Health Issues
  • Identifying characteristics of community based programs and services that are successful and effective in delivering culturally appropriate services to Latino families
  • Serving as a Clearinghouse for Latino related behavioral health information, studies and reports
  • Educating the public on Latino disparities
  • Providing conferences, workshops, task forces, and interviews on Latino behavioral health related issues
  • Training of Mental Health Interpreters
  • Providing Testimony to the President's Commission on Mental Health regarding mental health issues impacting on Latino populations
  • Collaboration with other national racial/ethnic behavioral health organizations on issues of mutual concern